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The Basic Package

For those who are unable to purchase the Regular Package we offer a package that has our staff create almost everything that is included in the other packages, but without the one on one staff time and advertising.  This allows us to keep our cost down and you still get an amazing business. Here is what's included:

Regular Package  ​

$19,950 (Only $15,950 if the down payment is made by promotion deadline)​​

Our team create and customize your entire business and then provide you with tutorials on how to operate it successfully.  We hand over a completed business within about 6 weeks and then you are off and running.

  • Social Media/Web Marketing

  • Ability to use the Time To Eat Delivery trademark and logo

  • Custom websites

  • All marketing materials and uniforms

  • Help hiring & training driver

  • Payment processing

  • Thermal carrier

  • State-of-the-art delivery driver software

  • Mobile app

  • SEO training

  • Marketing training

  • Software training

  • Social media advertising training

  • Displays

  • Licenses & permits

  • Extensive tutorials on every aspect of the food delivery industry

If you later decide you would like to upgrade to the Regular Package you can do that by just paying the difference.

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