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  • Marketing Representative

  • Office Assistant

  • Data Entry Menu Creation

Molly, Client Management 

"Regardless of the position, you have to be able to multi-task with a smile.  It can be very fast paced.  By far the best job I've ever had!  The rewards of getting to know the clients and then being part of their growth is awesome.  Once you get hired here you don't leave! "

Sam, Senior Director

"We are growing like crazy.  Even though we have a large staff, we are like family.  From the CEO to the lowest position, we all contribute. Our philosophy to only hire people who love people serves us well.  And if you do a great job here it will be rewarded and acknowledged."

Connor, Operations Manager

"Time To Eat expects the best.  There is pressure because our clients  dreams are on our shoulders but when we see them make it in the real business world it's priceless.  Our CEO just took our entire staff and their partners to Disneyland for 3 days, all expenses paid.  Great pay and great people but huge expectations."

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