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start a restaurant and grocery delivery with time to eat



​​Our do it yourself plan walks you step by step as you create your own grocery and restaurant delivery service for only $5500


How It Works 

start a restaurant and grocery delivery time to eat delivery
start a restaurant and grocery delivery in canada

Our tutorials will show you how to create all you will need to run a professional business customized to your vision and style of restaurant and grocery delivery such as website, marketing materials, SEO, payment processing, equipment, etc.

We have an extensive training program so that you can understand and be able to implement every area of your new delivery business.

Our DIY package will cover and teach hundreds of aspects of creating and running your business.  You will likely make back your $4500 in the first weeks of operation. 

Our extensive video tutorials and dossier train you to:

  • Set up your own business phone line and email

  • Brand your business

  • Create your business websites

  • Create your business social media accounts

  • Set up your online merchant accounts to process customer orders

  • Obtain proper business licenses and permits

  • Create your search engine optimizations and keep them operating

  • Understand and use website software

  • Market your brand and business

  • Obtain marketing materials and equipment

  • Hire drivers

  • ​Getting customers

And much, much more

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