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Delivery Where It's                    Needed Most

Low-income seniors don't always have the means to drive to pick-up their groceries nor the funds to hire a delivery service. 


Well, Time To Eat Cares!

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Time To Give Program

For almost 20 years, Time To Eat Delivery has been a leader in the Grocery and Restaurant Delivery Industry, and we are amazed at the demand and necessity for delivery services.  For most of us, this is an expense that is a little unexpected and we have had to make room for that financially.  There are, however, seniors who neither drive nor have the funds to have their groceries delivered and little to no help.  These low-income elderly need their groceries delivered more than any other population.  Getting their items delivered literally gives them the freedom and autonomy to continue living at home without having to move to assisted living homes.  We started out many years ago helping this population and, because of great need, we are taking The Time To Give program to every one of our affiliates nationwide!

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Many seniors are intimidated with technology or don't possess a way to get online.  For those who need help ordering, our staff are here to walk them through it.  If they don't possess a tablet, we will provide one for them.

how to start a restaurant and grocery delivery

Low-Income Senior Who needs Free Delivery?

Once per month we will accept paid for delivery orders from Walmart.com or Winco.  We will coordinate the date and time with you.  We will then get your confirmation number and delivery time. Don't place your order yet!

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Thanks for assisting Time To Eat deliver to those who need it most!


Time To Eat Delivery will be providing our entire team to conduct deliveries but as the program grows we will need volunteer delivery drivers.  If you would like to donate an afternoon, once per month, for a tremendously needy cause and truly make a difference in the life of another person then sign-up below and our staff will reach out to you.  And thank you!

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Thanks for assisting Time To Eat deliver to those who need it most!

how to start a  grocery delivery
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